July 2020

Crowned Heads to release a Chihuahua. Named after the state Chihuahua in Mexico, just like the small dog breed. But not named after the fierce Mexican guard dogs that make up their lack of size with attitude. The new Crowned Heads Chihuahua is a line extension of the Crowned Heads Juarez line. That line is inspired by the Crowned Heads Jericho Hill. Which is, like many Crowned Heads cigars, inspired by music. In this case Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash

In his song Cocaine Blues, the legendary Johnny Cash sings “They overtook me down in Juarez Mexico.” The song is about murdering his wife after a shot of cocaine. In the song, the character was arrested by the sheriff of Jericho Hill. That is the name of the line Crowned Heads introduced in 2014. All the names of the cigars relate to that song or Cash’s famous Folsom Prison performance. This line is still produced, and still at the My Father Cigar factory.

In 2018 a follow-up was released. This time at Tabacalera Pichardo in Esteli, Nicaragua. The new line is called Juarez, named after the town where Cash’s character was arrested. The cigar uses a Mexican San Andres wrapper, which seems the right choice considering the story. The binder is Ecuadorian Sumatra. The fillers come from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Crowned Heads Juarez

The regular production consists of the 4¾x52 OBS, 6×54 Willy Lee, and the 5×56 Jack Brown. Those names are used in the Jericho Hill lines as well. Earlier this year a limited edition 4×50 version came to the market. That was called Juarez Shots XX. And now there is a new regular production called Chihuahua. The new line is the thinnest of the series, 5½x48.

In a press release Jon Huber, Crowned Heads co-founder says “I’ve loved the Juárez blend since day one, but I’ve felt that there was a void in the sub-52 ring gauge lane. The range before Chihuahua was 52-56 (ring gauge), but now there will be a vitola for the smaller ring gauge smokers, such as myself. I’ve been a fan of the Super Corona vitola since the Cubans released it as an Edición Limitada under the Bolivar marca in 2014, and it becomes a true flavor bomb in the Juárez blend.”

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