May 2021

Crowned Heads announces Four Kicks Limited Edition. This cigar gets the name Four Kicks Capa Especial Aguilas LE 2021. The vitola of the cigar is rare and stems from Cuba. It is the same size as the Romeo y Julieta Aguilas, a cigar that was available until the 1970s. It is a 5½x50 figurado. The Romeo y Julieta Aguilas measures 5⅝x50.

Capa Especial

When Crowned Heads and Ernesto Perez Carrillo were working on the inaugural release of the Four Kicks, they had three blends remaining. Four Kicks was the first release for the company. But while working on the blends, Perez Carrillo gave Jon Huber a cigar. The cigar had a label saying Aguilas. The shape of the cigar was intriguing, classic, and pure craftsmanship. It had a truly vintage aesthetic in look and shape.

One of the final three blends was the Capa Especial. It was the favorite of Perez Carrillo but eventually, another blend was chosen for the final product. But this particular blend, the only of the three finalists with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, never left the mind of Perez Carrillo. Last year it came out as a regular production cigar.

Limited Edition

Jon Huber still has the Aguila that Perez Carrillo gave him. It is still in his humidor at home. It felt fitting to create a limited edition of the Four Kicks Capa Especial in that particular vitola. And so happens. There are 3000 boxes of 12 cigars. Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers shape the cigar. The binder is Nicaraguan and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra. 

The boxes carry a decoration that is a nod to the eagle, the English translation of Aguila. The production took place at Tabacalera La Alianza in Santiago, Dominican Republic. That is the factory of Ernesto Perez Carrillo.


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