Date: September 2022
Author: Billie

A few days ago the news broke that Crowned Heads would stop distributing cigars from ACE Prime, and ACE Prime responded that they hoped that they would still produce cigars for Crowned Heads. A good reader of both statements could see that there was more happening than just a clean break, that things went sour somewhere. Today that was confirmed with cease and desist letters back and forth, one from Crowned Heads to Luciano Cigars (the new name of ACE Prime) and another one from Luciano Cigars to Crowned Heads.

Jon Huber from Crowned Heads wrote in a statement to our friends of Halfwheel:

On September 22, our attorneys contacted Mr. Luciano Meirelles and all associated with Luciano Cigars (formerly Ace Prime Cigars) and have the served notice of the following:

Mr. Meirelles and associates are to immediately cease and desist with any and all defamatory comments made towards Crowned Heads and those associated with Crowned Heads. To this point, these comments have included falsehoods, portions of electronic communications that were intentionally and deliberately altered to be taken out of context, and fabricated stories that hold zero truth or merit. Rest assured; Crowned Heads is pursuing all legal remedies to defend its hard-earned reputation in the cigar industry.

According to Luciano Mereilles, the situation is a little different and he is the one that fired the first cease and desist

unfortunately CH had taken the unsavoury approach of publicly airing a business dispute. The truth is that we sent them a cease and desist first which is supported by dated emails and they apparently believe that it is necessary to take the position that the best defence is a great offense.

Sometimes in relationships, we see things differently. Those differences can change the direction of the relationship. Differences don’t necessarily mean we have to harbour ill will towards those with whom we disagree.

Disagreements can make people very emotional, and in emotional states, we perceive things differently. I can’t speak to how CH perceived what happened, but I made the decision to move forward with LC. This decision was emotional for me too, as I enjoyed working with the CH team. We created beautiful cigars together and brought joy to many in the cigar community. The decision to part way was not easy, but it was the best decision for the direction I wanted to move.

I believe this is a desperate action because I have several interviews with different media and they are afraid I would reveal any of our relationship. I would never do that because it would unethical and against the very core
Principles I live by.

they don’t have to fear anything because I’m a man of integrity I just can’t stand lies.

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