Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Crowned Heads adds limited to Mil Dias. The brand is only released just a few weeks ago. And now it gets its first limited edition. The Mil Dias Mareva Edicion Limitada XX. It is a Mareva version of the blend. The Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.3 is the inspiration for this 5⅛x42 cigar. There are only 1000 boxes of 30 cigars.


“The seed for a Mareva-sized cigar was planted for me last year. That was when our national sales manager, Miguel Schoedel, gifted me a Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No. 3,” says Jon Huber, Co-founder of Crowned Heads, in a press release. “For my palate, that cigar exhibited so much depth and complexity with impeccable balance while in a smaller-cigar format. It still stands out in my sensory memory. We began work on a Mil Días Mareva even before we began shipping the first Mil Días boxes, as I knew in my gut that this blend would translate brilliantly in a Marvel vitola.”

Like the regular production vitolas, production takes place at Tabacalera Pichardo in Esteli, Nicaragua. The wrapper is Habano from Ecuador. The binder comes from Nicaragua. The filler is from Nicaragua, Peru, and Costa Rica. There are four regular production sizes.

Ministry of Cigars - Crowned Heads adds limited to Mil Dias

Mil Dias 

Mil Dias means 1000 days. And that’s how long it took to perfect the blend and bring it to the market. During the IPCPR Trade Show in July of 2017, Don Eradio Pichardo and Luciano Meirelles presented some samples. The blend makes an impact on Jon Huber from Crowned Heads . “I was very impressed with those initial samplers. I felt the blend had tremendous potential,” Huber says in a press release. “Little did I know that those samples would take us on a nearly three-year journey of blend exploration and experimentation.”

Luciano Meirelles commented “To create a blend and innovate you need to take risks beyond conventional thinking. Mil Dias represents our relationship’s journey. It also highlights the fruitfulness of our recently announced strategic alliance. Meirelles is co-owner of Tabacalera Pichardo and Ace Prime Group with Don Radio Pichardo. Pichardo added “When Luciano had me try his first blend of the Mil Dias I knew right away we had something magical. I am very excited to see Crowned Heads release this fantastic cigar.”

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