Date: February 2011
Author: Ray

Crowned Heads – a New Brand from an Old Hand

Most of you probably heard the news back in December about Jon Huber’s departure from CAO International. His sudden move came in light of a merger between Scandinavian Tobacco Group and Swedish Match which relocated company headquarters from Nashville, TN to Richmond, VA. Huber was CAO’s Director of Lifestyle Marketing since 1996 – a long run with a solid company, resulting in many lauded cigar blends like La Traviata. Since announcing his decision, Huber’s fans have speculated over the backlash this could have on CAO’s creativity and what Huber’s plans would be next. Until just yesterday Huber has been tight-lipped about his future – but now he has revealed it: a brand new company called Crowned Heads.

Crowned Heads will be a boutique company instead of a huge corporation – Huber says, “It’s going to be very different from what we did at C.A.O,” and expresses his enthusiasm for a fresh, scaled back, more personalized approach. “If I’d wanted to work for corporate America, I would’ve gone and sold copy machines or something. To each their own, however, I will say that it was an amazingly liberating feeling to be out from under the corporate ‘machine’ that was ST Group.”

Along with Huber, Crowned Heads will feature other great minds from CAO. Mike Condor, CAO’s former Senior VP of Marketing, Michael Trebing, CAO’s former Creative Media Manager, and Nancy Heathman, CAO’s ex-graphic designer, all have decided to take their place by Huber’s side to make Crowned Heads the best new cigar company around.

Huber hopes to have a cigar ready to show off at this year’s IPCPR expo but says he is still searching for the perfect blend – by the end of this year he plans to have five sizes ready for the market. We can count on one thing–Huber is putting great care and creativity into developing a business that’s different. If he puts that same creativity into his cigars, we’re in for an experience at once matchless, distinctive and very exciting.

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