November 2020

Coprova celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company is the exclusive distributor for Habanos in France and Monaco since 1970. Since the start, the leader in the premium cigar business in France is leading the commercialization of Premium tobacco. And that milestone won’t pass by unnoticed. Older Regional Editions are going to hit the market again with some extra age.

Ministry of Cigars - Coprova celebrates its 50th anniversary

Complete portfolio

Coprova is responsible for the complete Habanos portfolio of 27 brands. But they also distribute a cigar hailing from the Dominican Republic and sell Cuban machine-made cigars and cigarettes. Due to their efforts in the last 505 years, France is a major player in the premium cigar game. The French market is the third market in the world after Spain and China. They are more important for Habanos than Germany, which is the largest cigar market in Europe. The French market is characterized as being a connoisseur and epicurean market.

The distributor has a reputation for taking great care of cigars in their warehouse. The conditions are perfect to store and age cigars. Their network of Habanos Specialist supplies French cigar enthusiasts with the best they can offer. And around the birthday of the company, on December 22nd. A few aged and rare cigars will hit the market. Or should we say, hit the market again?

Celebratory cigars

The Quai d’Orsay Robustos Diplomático is the regional edition for 2015. Coprova and Habanos chose this size and marca for the French market. It has been sold out since, but Coprova kept a small number of boxes to age. These boxes, with 5 years of extra aging, are now hitting the market. They are presented at a Selection Vintage Coprova. Another regional edition that has been in storage for two extra years is the Juan Lopez Punto 55, the 2018 Edicion Regional. These will hit the market as well in the next coming weeks.

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