September 2020

Condega is entering the Thai market. In a partnership with Cigar Emperor, the brand is going to Thailand. With that, Condega cigars keep continuing the steady but rapid expansion in the international markets. The Nicaraguan made cigars are now available in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States.

Ministry of Cigars - Condega is entering the Thai market

Cigar Emperor

In Thailand, Condega works with Cigar Emperor. Cigar Emperor is a cigar importer and distributor in several southeast Asian countries. But the main market is Thailand. Thailand is a difficult market for cigars. It’s still focussed on Cuban cigars. Online sales and advertising are prohibited and taxes are high. All newly introduced cigars have to be tested and approved by the government, which is costly. Only a limited number of import licenses are granted by the Thai authorities. Due to the expensive mandatory testing, it is hard and expensive to become a legitimate cigar importer. Cigar Emperor works closely with lounges in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. The importer and distributor is planning to open a cigar lounge as well.

Cigar Emperor Matthew Nekvapil and Condega met at Intertabac 2017. He was impressed with the value for money quality of the cigars. When Condega’s trusted partner in The Netherlands put in a good word for both Condega and Cigar Emperor, the two decided to launch Condega in Thailand. Cigar Emperor has a twenty-year-long history in tobacco distribution in South East Asia, supplying several countries.

The portfolio

The first batch of Condega to enter Thailand consists of the Condega Serie S and the Condega Serie F. From the Condega Serie S, Thai cigar aficionados can soon enjoy the Half Corona, Short Robusto, Robusto, and Magnum 52. From the Condega Serie F, the Arsenio, Gran Titan, Maduro, Mareva, Mini Titan, Perla, and Lancero are inbound. We published the history of Condega Cigars in an editorial recently. And we reviewed the Condega Serie F Maduro Robusto.

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