October 2018

Condega events in Sweden. Condega is one of the hottest cigars on the European markets right now. That is for a few reasons. First of all, the cigar has a fantastic price versus quality ratio. Secondly brand owner Gesinta partners up with the distributor in each and every country above and beyond industry standards. The third reason they are on fire is the European sales director David González Haya. He is traveling Europe to do event after event after event. And now he’s coming to Sweden.

Swedish events

There are three events planned in Sweden. On Friday the 19th of October at Mellgren’s Fine Tobacco in Göteborg from 6 pm till late. And then on Saturday the 20th there will be two events. The first starts at 2 pm and takes place at XY Tobak in Borås. Then at 7 pm, David is back in Göteborg at Tobakshandel.

David announces on Facebook that he’s bringing the last boxes of the Condega Serie S Limitada Volcanes Momotombo and a big surprise. We met David González Haya at the Dutch Big Smoke and Intertabac. We know you’ll have a good time at the events. Contact the shops for tickets. Join one or more of the Condega events in Sweden.

Ministry of Cigars - Condega events in Sweden
David González Haya, Brand Ambassador Condega Cigars

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