Date: May 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Condega cigars now available in Israel. At the intertabac trade show, Joseph Bomze of Bon D Ltd showed an interest in the brand. After talking to the Zapata family who owns the brand for the international markets, the final decision was made. Bon D Ltd is now part of the Condega family and the official distributor of the Condega brand in Western Asian country.

Bon D Ltd

As a distributor for luxury items, Bon D Ltd is a big player in Israel. The company represents luxury brands such as Dupont, Visconti, Colibri, Lamborghini, Xikar, Adorini, Hugo Boss, and others. But also cigar brands such as Oliva, La Aurora, and now Condega. The portfolio of the luxury goods company includes cigars, accessories, high-quality leather goods, jewelry, writing instruments, and other fashion accessories. Bon D Ltd was founded in 2001.

The Condega lines and vitolas selected for the Israeli market are the Condega Serie F Titan, Mini Titan, Maduro, Arsenio. And from the Condega Serie S, the Robusto will make its way to the hearts of the Israelian cigar aficionados.

Ministry of Cigars - Condega cigars now available in Israel


It was the German distributor of Condega, Thorsten Wolfertz, who made the introduction. Wolfertz has been working with Casa del Tabaco, the premium cigar division of Gesinta and owners of Condega, since the start. Bomze and Wolfertz have been doing business together for years as well, and when Wolfertz recommended Condega, Bomze was keen to check the brand out.

Bon D Ltd operates its own cigar lounge in Israel and works with about 25 other tobacconists all over Israel. The restrictions in Israel are pretty strong with health warnings covering 65% of the boxes and very restrictive advertising rules. Yet the premium cigar market is a growing market. With Condega now available, the Israeli cigar aficionados can enjoy a great Nicaraguan cigar for an affordable price.

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