June 2020

Condega Cigars now also in Cyprus. Cigar lover in the jewel of the Mediterranean and the birthplace of Aphrodite can now enjoy the Nicaraguan cigars from Condega. Both the Condega Serie F and the Condega Serie S are available on the small but beautiful Mediterranean island.


Even though it’s relatively small size and population, there are many cigar lounges and tobacconists on the island. Surprisingly, as there are about one million people living in Cyprus. And even though there are many smoking restrictions in place, people enjoy cigars. Michalis Giasemidis is the official distributor for Condega. He says that the limited size of the island is perfect for informal networking, and the ten months of sunshine help the cigar aficionados as well. Because of that beautiful weather, it’s often possible to enjoy a cigar out in the open.

 Michalis Giasemidis was introduced to Condega by Sasja van Horssen. van Horssen, cigar distributor in The Netherlands and owner of Cigaragua is the Dutch Condega distributor. “But, also very important to me, was the recommendation I received from Sasja Van Horssen, the Condega Cigar’s distributor in the Netherlands. Van Horssen is a must in this industry and knows perfectly how it works. He told me very good things about Condega Cigar’s service, work team, quality, and value. This was an opportunity that cannot be missed” Giasemidis said in a press release.

 Since 2017, Giasemidis is importing new world cigars to Cyrpus full time. It’s a difficult task in a Cuban dominated market. But the business is growing, as the quality of new world cigars is unparalleled. Cyprus is the next European market to discover the quality of new world tobaccos and cigars.

 Condega Cigars

 Eduardo Fernandez is the creator of Condega Cigars. He’s also the man behind Aganorsa. A few years ago, the Spanish tobacco distributor Gesinta purchased the brand for the international markets. Since then, the brand has been growing exponentially. New countries are opening up every month, and the sales are through the roof. It’s because the price-quality ratio for Condega is second to none. The Cypriot cigar smokers can enjoy the Condega Serie S Half Corona. From the Condega Serie F, the robusto, titan, lancero, and pyramid will be available. Some as natural and some in Maduro. And if you want something smaller, the mini robusta and mini titan are available as well.

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