Date: October 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Cohiba Atmosphere opened in Kuala Lumpur. After months of delays, the Cohiba Atmosphere in Kuala Lumpur has finally opened the doors. The Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur is located in an unusual place. A free-standing, 3 story building in an industrial area. But also right around the corner from the Chocolate Museum in Kuala Lumpur. And that’s the perfect place to drop your wife off, while you enjoy a fine cigar at the Cohiba Atmosphere.

What is a Cohiba Atmosphere

The difference between the Habanos flagship franchise La Casa del Habano and the Cohiba Atmosphere franchise is that the latter is more than a shop. It’s a bar, a lounge, a restaurant but all focussed around Cuban cigars. Where the La Casa del Habano is merely a tobacconist with an extensive, and exclusively, Cuban assortment, a Cohiba Atmosphere has to offer more. As a Cohiba Atmosphere, there are a few guidelines from Habanos that you have to follow. Those are delivering top quality and careful presentation. There has to be variety, pairing promotions have to be offered, signature gastronomy has to be provided. And Habanos promotes crossbreeding in catering and demonstrations by Habanos sommeliers as well.

There are Cohiba Atmospheres to be found in several countries. Most of them in Asia but a few elsewhere as well. The non-Asian Cohiba Atmospheres are to be found in Sofia, Antwerp, Prague, Buenos Aires, Havana, and Cancun. In Asia, there are Cohiba Atmospheres in Kuwait, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, and now in Kuala Lumpur too.

The opening

Yesterday, about 80 invitees were at the official opening of the Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur. From cigar media such as we and Cigar Journal to a heavy delegation from Habanos. And friends and business partners of the founders of the lounge. Everyone was impressed. On the outside, the Cohiba Atmosphere doesn’t have a wow factor. It’s just a 3 story office building in an industrial area. Only the huge logo on the wall gives away that a luxurious cigar lounge is hidden inside. But the wow factor is definitely there when you walk into the building.

The ground floor blows first-time visitors away. It looks like the lobby of a 5-star hotel. Beautiful tile floors, a reception, dark wood, leather chairs, and sofas. There are 15 seats, art on the wall. It immediately gives the impression that this is a special place. An elevator brings you up to the first floor, where the main bar is. A bar with a great collection of drinks. Not surprisingly as the people behind the Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumper own Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits. That’s one of the biggest alcohol distributors in Asia. 

It’s also the floor where you find a big humidor with a full selection of Cuban cigars. And all the accessories you need. The bar can hold about 40 people, but there’s also a big private room as well. And we must say, even though the ceiling isn’t high, and the room was packed to maximum capacity it was not too smoky. The ventilation system works like a charm. The bar has the same grandeur as the lobby. Comfortable leather armchairs, dark wood, black and white tiles. It feels cozy yet luxurious.

But that’s not all. There is a second floor. A floor with a boardroom for meetings, more private rooms. And because it’s Asia, a huge and stylish karaoke room. The latter we did not try, singing is not our strong point. And all again in the same beautiful design, no costs were spared in the renovation of the building.

Jonathan Chow, the chief operating officer, explained that Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits wanted to open a lounge as all the senior officers are avid cigar smokers. And when presented with the opportunity to make it a prestigious Cohiba Atmosphere they didn’t hesitate. “We all smoke Cuban cigars, and we have a lot of Chinese customers that only smoke Cubans” Chow replies when asked why they went for the Cohiba Atmosphere franchise instead of a non branded cigar lounge. “It limits our ability to sell new world cigars, but just being able to use the Cohiba name adds so much more value. It’s completely worth it, and I see a bright future for Cuban cigars anyway” Chow continues.

Mr. Jonathan Chow and us

The new lounge is opened from Monday to Saturday, from 1 pm till midnight. The address is 20 Jalan Teknologi 3/4. Reservations can be made by phone +603 3000 8633 or The building is 9000 square feet (837 m2), there are 5 private rooms, the bar and seating capacity for 80 persons. And WiFi is available.

2 thoughts on “Cohiba Atmosphere opened in Kuala Lumpur

  1. My dear cigar friend,

    @ Chow replies when asked why they went for the Cohiba Atmosphere franchise instead of a non branded cigar lounge. “It limits our ability to sell new world cigars, but just being able to use the Cohiba name adds so much more value!!

    I continue to be surprised that only the name Cohiba means so much.
    It is what our thoughts make of it!!

    Best regards,
    Coenraad JH

    1. In Asia, and especially China, it’s a Cuban dominated market. And Cohiba is the best known Cuban cigar. The Chinese crowd loves it, and the name is worth a lot here

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