Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Coffee infused cigars coming to The Netherlands. Coffee infused cigars are amongst the most popular infused cigars. And that’s because coffee and cigars are closely related and match well. Some cigar producers have coffee as well. Jas Sum Kral, Kafie and Arturo Fuente for instance.

Some of the big players in the industry have coffee infused cigars. Oliva has the Nub Cafe line. Rocky Patel has the Java, made in the Drew Estate factory. Drew Estate sells the Tabak Especial and the Isla del Sol. Then there is Arturo Fuente with the Café Cubano line. And flavored cigars brand Tatiana has a coffee flavored cigar as well. The last in the long line of coffee flavored cigars is the PDR roast series.

PDR Roast Series

What sets PDR apart is that, unlike most of the others, the wrapper is not sweetened. And that makes the PDR roast series truly a natural cigar with coffee flavors. Without the artificial sweetness that is common on most of the other coffee cigars. 

The PDR Roast series was introduced in 2018. It comes in three varieties. The Natural Roast, the Medium Roast, and the Dark Roast. And the difference is the blend and wrapper. 

The Natural Roast series comes with a Connecticut Shade wrapper from Ecuador. The binder is a Dominican Criollo 98. The filler is also Criollo 98, both from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

Ministry of Cigars Coffee infused cigars coming to The Netherlands

The Medium Roast spots an Ecuadorian Sun Grown Claro wrapper. The binder is Criollo 98 from the Dominican Republic. The filler comes from the Dominican Republic too. PDR used Dominican Corojo and Criollo 98 for this blend

Ministry of Cigars Coffee infused cigars coming to The Netherlands

The Dark Roast is made from Nicaraguan and Dominican Criollo 98 as filler tobacco. The binder is Dominican Criollo 98. The wrapper is a Brazilian Maduro.

Ministry of Cigars Coffee infused cigars coming to The Netherlands

And these three coffee infused cigars coming to The Netherlands. The PDR Natural, Medium, and Dark Roast will be released this week. One size, the 5×52 Robusto will be released in the next few days. The cigars come in boxes of 20. The fixed price is €125 per box or €6.25 per cigar.

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