Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Daniel Marshall, the legendary humidor maker, hosted an event at the oldest movie studio in the world. Babelsberg Studio’s Theme Park in Potsdam Berlin. As far as we know it’s the first time that a major motion picture studio film park hosts a cigar event.

The storied Babelsberg began operation in 1912 and is home to some of the world’s most beloved movies such as Mad Max, Mission Impossible, The Hunger Games, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, George Clooney’s The Monument’s Men, Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hank’s Bridge of Spies and the Bourne Ultimatum. Guests of the event walked in the footsteps of film history’s iconic directors and stars, from Marlene Dietrich to Clint Eastwood.

The attendants got a private tour of the movie sets while smoking the Daniel Marshall Red Label cigars. Theme park owner Friedhelm Schatz then gave a private backstage tour. Marshall hosted the event with Schatz and Manuela Simon from Tabakhaus Simon.

Twenty-five years ago, Friedhelm Schatz, the mastermind behind the Filmpark, envisioned the park as it is today. Over 3000 visitors from around the world enjoy the park daily. Daniel Marshall was honored to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mr. Schatz’s dream with a memorable night at “Cigars Meet Movies.”

Daniel Marshall posted a video on youtube:

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