Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Sasja van Horssen is a busy man. Not only he’s the main distributor and importer of premium cigars from the new world for The Netherlands, but he also owns three shops. One in Den Bosch, one in Rotterdam and the flagship is Cigaragua in Amsterdam.

Recently Van Horssen was looking to relocate his Rotterdam shop to another location, much bigger, but that plan was put on ice because of the inability of the current landlord to let Van Horssen out of the lease.

But now it looks like Van Horssen has a new project on his hands. On his facebook, he posted a picture of The Hague and hinted towards a Cigaragua shop in the city where the Dutch government is located. That would be a nice middle finger toward the current coalition, who recently decided to be even stricter on tobacco in the coming years.

We reached out to Van Horssen and found out that the story is a bit different than we first expected. It’s not Sasja who’s thinking of opening a Cigaragua in The Hague, but his nephew Raymon van Horssen with his mother Yvonne Litz. And that last name might ring a bell as she’s the owner of the La Casa del Habano in The Hague.

Over twenty years ago Sasja’s brother, Raymon’s father, Ilja opened the Cuesta Rey shop in The Hague and later bought the G. De Graaff shop. After his passing away at age 36, his widow Yvonne continued the shop before turning it into a La Casa del Habano, eventually relocating the shop as well. Recently the G. De Graaff shop had to close down due to the bad state of the building due to a lack of maintenance by the landlord. But it looks like Litz and her son Raymon are looking to open another shop again, continuing the legacy of Ilja in The Hague. Nothing has been decided yet, so this story is to be continued.

Tara, Bryan, Yvonne and Raymon at the LCDL The Hague
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