Date: February 2011
Author: Cigar Inspector

Cigar Release: Miraculous Templar Cigars

Los Angeles based diamond broker David Rafaeli takes a few trips a year to the brokerage centers of Antwerp and Tel Aviv. During one of his trips to Tel Aviv he set eyes on an unusual diamond. The green-yellow stone contained a perfectly formed equilateral cross, a replica of the symbol of the Templar Knights. The symbols corners represent eight points; the eight virtues of the Templar Knights: Brotherhood, Piety, Loyalty, Honesty, Honor, Charity, Spirituality and Devotion.
Cigar Release: Miraculous Templar Cigars
This discovery inspired David Rafaeli to launch a new cigar line. Miraculous Templar cigars are handmade with prime Dominican Cuban-Seed long-filler tobacco. The cigars come in boxes of 50 with the option of 3 different sizes; a 5×50 robusto, a 6×50 toro and a 6.75×50 Churchill (a 50-ring churchill? Hm…). All of these cigars are also available with a maduro wrapper. They are priced between $95 and $115 per box.

Currently the only place that one may purchase these cigars are The Las Vegas Palms Casino or The Four Seasons Hotel. For those of you that do not live in the vicinity of these places, the company is looking forward to branching out and possibly bringing these cigars to a local store near you.

4 thoughts on “Cigar Release: Miraculous Templar Cigars

  1. Not sure they are going to taste but $95 for a 50 count box would be a great price. Arouses my suspicions though.

  2. I’d rather smoke Cuban cigars but to each his own…

  3. The box isn’t really attractive… Smoke Cuban guys 😉

  4. But how do they taste? How do they smoke? Thou art a cruel taskmaster Mr.Inspector!

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