January 2024

The Boutique Cigar Association convened for a private Board Meeting on January 10, marking a significant moment in the BCA’s history. During the meeting, key decisions were made to shape the future of the BCA, including the election of new board members and adjustments to leadership roles.

The Goals and New Additions

One of the primary goals of the BCA is to foster diversity and representation across the board. With a commitment to inclusivity, the Board now includes members representing brand owners, distributors, retailers, and other industry experts. This strategic move aims to bring a variety of perspectives to the decision-making process and better serve the diverse needs of the BCA membership.

The BCA is delighted to announce the newest addition to the BCA Board – Mr. Pete Shultis. Pete, a respected industry professional, will be filling the position previously held by Jamie DeViese.

Pete currently serves as Operations Manager of SZ Wholesale (a wholesaler for a number of premium cigar brands, as well as cigar accessory companies.) The BCA extends their gratitude to Mr. DeViese for his instrumental contributions to the BCA in prior years. Understanding the demands of his current commitments, Mr. DeViese has stepped down, making way for fresh perspectives on the board.

Furthermore, the BCA is thrilled to share that Mr. Chet King, a dedicated Board Member of nearly two years, has assumed the role of Vice President of the BCA. Mr. King’s hard work and commitment have been instrumental in the association’s growth, and the association looks forward to his continued contributions in this new capacity.

The Board

The current BCA Board lineup includes:

  • President: Armen Caprielian (owner of DAV Cigars)
  • Vice President: Chet King (GM of Over the Rhine Cigars)
  • Secretary: J.J. Jordan III (Owner Mountain Smoke Premium Tobacco)
  • Treasurer: Dr. Gaby Kafie (Owner of Kafie 1901 Cigars / Coffee)
  • Dr. Garo Bouldoukian (Owner of Garo Cigars)
  • Alan Rouleau (Owner of Alan Rouleau Couture)
  • Pete Shultis (Operations Manager at SZ Wholesale)

In 2024, the BCA is set to embark on an ambitious agenda aimed at enhancing the experience for its 55+ member companies. Plans include active participation in prominent trade shows such as TPE, PCA, and InterTabac, with an emphasis on networking and showcasing the diverse offerings of boutique cigar makers.

Last year the BCA was thrilled to partner with PCA by forming the BCA Pavilion at the world’s largest premium cigar trade show, and they are excited to confirm the BCA’s participation once again this year. The BCA Pavilion serves as a unique platform, specifically designed for smaller family-owned premium cigar companies to showcase their products and offers a cost-effective venue for brands. The primary goal is to support both the industry and retailers, and in return, the BCA kindly asks for the same support and love. To all retailers, distributors and cigar media attending this year’s PCA Trade Show, the BCA invites you to visit the BCA Pavilion. The members of the association look forward to connecting with you and sharing the passion and innovation within the boutique cigar industry.

Additionally, the BCA is exploring exciting initiatives such as the development of a Boutique Cigar Festival in a new location and the possibility of organizing a cigar cruise for its members. These endeavors underscore the association’s commitment to innovation and creating memorable experiences for its members.

As the new Board structure takes shape, the BCA is eager to build on past successes and work collaboratively towards a successful and vibrant future. The entire BCA team is enthusiastic about the opportunities that 2024 holds and is dedicated to making this year a hallmark for the boutique cigar industry.

About the Boutique Cigar Association

The Boutique Cigar Association of America (BCAA), a distinguished organization managed and operated by dedicated professionals and manufacturers within the cigar industry. Comprising owners of small and family-owned boutique cigar companies, BCAA is committed to promoting and safeguarding the interests of boutique cigar companies, offering valuable education and resources for their success.

The BCA today actively engages with premium cigar manufacturers, supporting the livelihoods of family-owned cigar businesses and small manufacturers. We believe in the strength of partnerships, collaboration, and unity within the industry. Collaborating with organizations such as the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) and Cigar Rights of America (CRA) BCA pledges to defend industry freedoms. BCAA is not just an association; they are a community of professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the premium cigar experience.

As advocates for boutique cigar brands, owners, distributors and retailers, the association prioritize their importance, earning recognition as an integral partner in the premium cigar market.

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