Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Charatan pipe tobacco available in Switzerland. Pipes and cigars sometimes cross over. And that’s the case for Charatan. Just like Drew Estate did for a while. Dunhill was known for the cigars and their pipe tobacco. And Ashton, they are both a cigar and a pipe tobacco brand. Eric Nording is a pipe manufacturer from Denmark but works with Rocky Patel on the Nording Cigars. And in that case, the lines are blurry and sometimes we do report on pipe tobacco as well.


The Charatan brand is old. It was founded in 1863. Dunhill squired the brand in 1978. Later it was sold to British American Tobacco, BAT. Last year, the independent British distributor Tor Imports acquired the brand. They immediately changed the cigar manufacturer to Joya de Nicaragua and that was a great move. The cigars are now one of the best sellers in the United Kingdom. We reviewed the Charatan Robusto. And recently, to commemorate the purchase of the brand, Tor Imports released a limited edition Charatan. The Charatan Colina.

Now the Charatan pipe tobacco will be sold in Switzerland. The cigar distributor The Royal Cigar Company has announced that they will start to carry the full line of Charatan pipe tobaccos. All the pipe Charatan pipe tobaccos are packed in 50-gram tins and the prices range from 14.50 CHF to 18.50 CHF.

Ministry of Cigars - Charatan pipe tobacco available in Switzerland

The following types of Charatan pipe tobacco will be available for the Swiss pipe aficionados: Charatan 1992 Mixture, Black Flake, Flake, Royal Escape Mixture, No.10 Mixture, Eventide, Royal Ensign Mixture, Charatan Rolls, Victorian Mixture, First Bowl, Four Leaf, FC 1863 Mixture, Curzon Mixture, and last but not least Virginia Three Year Matured.

More to come?

If this is just the first step into launching the Charatan brand in Switzerland is yet to be seen. Maybe the cigars will follow soon. And would it be possible that in return, Tor Imports will start to distribute Gilbert de Montsalvat cigars in the United Kingdom? That brand is owned by Royal Cigar Company owner Raymondo Bernasconi. We will see in the next few months.

Ministry of Cigars - Charatan pipe tobacco available in Switzerland
Raymondo Bernasconi & Scott Vines (Tor Imports)

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