August 2020

Changes coming for L’Atelier cigars. New vitolas are released for the L’Atelier Selection Speciale, other vitolas from that line are being placed on hold. The other L’Atelier lines see changes coking as well.


Pete Johnson, the owner of Tatuaje and L’Atelier Imports, is not discontinuing the cigars. He’s placing them on hold. The cigars that are taken out of production may or may not return in the future. Johnson decided to place many vitolas on hold to streamline the L’Atelier portfolio.

Amongst the cigars that are disappearing from the market is the complete L’Atelier Maduro line. The four different vitolas are no longer being produced. The same goes for the three vitola line L’Atelier Identité. Just three years after the original release, the line ceases to be produced.

Ministry of Cigars - Changes coming for L’Atelier cigars

But it doesn’t end there. The LAT Lancero, L’Atelier Selection Speciale 38 Special, and L’Atelier Selection Speciale LAT Torpedo are taken off the roster as well. Although both lanceros are most likely included in the new Tatuaje Lancero Collection. The final cuts are made in the La Mission de L’Atelier line. The 6¾x44 1955, 6⅛x52 1982, and the 6¼x48 2003 are out of commission as well.

New releases

Against all the cuts in the L’Atelier lines, there is also news about new vitolas. The L’Atelier Selection Spéciale gets three new sizes. This blend is an amped-up version of the original L’Atelier blend. The wrapper is higher priming of the Ecuadorian Sancti Spiritus leaf used for the regular line.

The new sizes are the original release sizes of the L’Atelier line. And the exact same sizes of the famous Cohiba BHK line. Johnson released the L’Atelier line as an answer to the BHK. All sizes are sizes that Johnson used before and was never used by Habanos. Habanos copied the sizes, including the pigtails from Johnson. In reply, Johnson created a 3 vitola line, naming them like the BHK. LAT52, LAT54, and LAT56.

The new L’Atelier Selection Spéciale are the LAT52 which measure 4¾x52, LAT54 of 5⅝x54, and the LAT56 of 6½x56. The cigars are expected to be shipped to retailers worldwide in the next few months.

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