Date: January 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Cavalier Geneve releasing Small Batch, but only for the visitors of the Tobacco Plus Expo tradeshow. The TPE will take place from January 29th until January 31st of this year in Las Vegas. The cigars will be shipped at the end of the first, or the beginning of the second quarter.

 “We want to ensure that all retailers supporting TPE get a chance to access all our Small Batch products. Those we normally release only every 6, 12 and 18 months. It is very important for us to encourage the support of the TPE. We believe it is our responsibility to thank all our attending retail partners for it.” Said Sebastien Decoppet, founder of Cavalier Genève in a press release.

The Small Batch cigars that will be available for order at the show only are from the White Series, Black II and there will be a USA Exclusive. The Small Batch White Series are a lancero and a Salomones. The same sizes are offered for the Cavalier Geneve Black II as well. The USA Exclusive is a petit corona.

Ministry of Cigars - Cavalier Geneve releasing Small Batch


Cavalier Genève also released a press statement that they will participate in both of the USA based trade shows, TPE & PCA. After the withdrawal of Drew Estate, General Cigars, Davidoff, and Altadis from the PCA show, many family-owned companies showed their support. Cavalier of Genève is one of them. Tobacco Plus Expo is organized by Kretek International, the parent of Ventura Cigars. Ventura joined the big 4 and is not joining the PCA trade show this year. We published our suggestions to the PCA last week.

“It will be out first time attending TPE this year. We very much look forward to this new presence at the tradeshow. We are certain that this will be a great opportunity to grow pre-established relationships and create new ones with the brand. We have been attending PCA (formerly RTDA, IPCPR) for some years now and will continue to do so. The value of our relationship with retailers is what defines the cigar industry and PCA has always played an important role in that relationship, that we value strongly. PCA stays one of the important moments of the year, not only for our business development but also as it is one of the rare moments in the year we have the opportunity to spend quality time with a lot of the people that make our industry what it is.” Said Sebastien Decoppet, founder of Cavalier Genève cigars. 


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