June 2020

Cavalier Geneva coming to Angola. The Swiss Honduran brand and the Angolan distributor Primazia Decorama are working together to bring the boutique brand to the Western African country. Both the White Series and the Black II series will be available to retailers, hotels, and bars all over Angola. The annual limited editions and small-batch releases are available to the Angolan retailers as well.

Cavalier Geneva

The brand, most recognizable by the gold foil diamond on each cigar, is founded by the Swiss entrepreneur Sebastian Decoppet. Decoppet traveled all over Latin America and his passion for tobacco only grew. When he met the Plasencia family, they took him under their wings. They saw his passion, and after indulging in their knowledge, Decoppet decided to create his brand, Cavalier Geneve. And he combined the quality of the cigars, which are made in Honduras in one of the Plasencia factories with an aesthetic look. A gold foil square on the wrapper leaf itself. And the gold is smokable. Besides owning Cavalier Geneva, Decoppet also owns the renowned Rhein 1905 cigar shop in Geneva.

At the intertabac trade show, we ran into Sebastian Decoppet at a hotel bar. Decoppet told us about the gold, and how hard it was to get it right. His producer, Plasencia Cigars, wasn’t happy with the idea and it took trial and error before the right procedure was found. The story is too long, and the process is too complicated to explain in this article. But we might come back to it in a dedicated article.

Primazia Decorama

Ermen Soares is the driving force behind Primazia Decorama. The company is bringing in the best New World cigars into Angola. Not just for their shop in the country’s capital of Luanda. Primazia Decorama is also distributing and wholesaling cigars to other tobacconists, hotels, restaurants, and bars all over the country. Last year we interviewed Ermen Soares, you can read the interview here.

Ministry of Cigars - Cavalier Geneva coming to Angola

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