March 2020

Casdagli working on Cypher cigar. In a Facebook post, Jeremy Casdagli shared some information on a new blend that Casdagli Cigars will be launching this year. Before the end of the year, the Casdagli Cypher should hit the international markets.

Family History

The Casdagli family history reads like a storybook. From breeding horses in Egypt in the 1900s, to creating an Egyptian cotton empire in that same era. But also being involved in the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the Cuban government on a diplomatic level right after World War II. Those trade negotiations turned from sugar to cigars. That’s how the Casdagli family got into tobacco. And that history inspired Jeremy Casdagli to start Bespoke Cigars back in 1997. 

In 1997, Jeremy Casdagli met the Cuban torcedor, Carlos Valdez Mosquera. After his retirement from Habanos, he started making his own blends and vitolas. Those blends attracted Casdagli and together they formed Bespoke cigars. At first, the small scale production was exclusively sold on the London markets but the company grew slowly.

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli working on Cypher cigar
Major Alexis Casdagli

Alexis Casdagli

The new line, Cypher, draws its name from Jeremy’s grandfather Alexis Casdagli. Alexis Casdagli was a major in the British army. He was arrested during the Second World War. He spends four years in a German prison camp. And that’s where he created a name for himself as an artist doing needlework. The nazis even displayed his embroidery art. But unknown to them, Casdagli hid messages in his work. The borders of his work consisted of dots and dashes. And deciphered into Morse code, it spelled out ‘God save the King’ and ‘F@#% Hitler’. This story was the inspiration for the name.

Right now, Jeremy Casdagli has narrowed the possible blends out to three. One of them will hit the shelves of retailers towards the end of the year. Casdagli concluded his Facebook message that there will be something to decipher for the brothers and sisters of the leaf once the cigars become available.

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli working on Cypher cigar

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