Date: December 2020
Author: Inspector Z

A classic size cigar that has been aging for an additional six years. And as with any enigma, there’s a lot of secrecy around these unique and rare cigars. It is part of the Daughters of the Wind line. There factory of origin is the IGM Factory in Costa Rica. Only the size and the wrapper are known. The rest is a secret, an enigma. It is a 7×40 Double Corona with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

 Club Mareva Beirut

 Six years ago, Jeremy Casdagli rolled 2000 Daughters of the Wind double corona cigars. He let them age for six years until he was ready to release them. That time has come now. The 2000 cigars are only available through Club Mareva in Beirut. But don’t worry, the Casdagli Daughters of the Wind Enigma will become a regular production cigar. And it will be available to the rest of the world. 

 The initial release of the Enigma is only 2,000 cigars. It will go onto general production later in 2021 with 4,000 per year made. Each box contains 10 cigars. The Enigma belongs to the Daughters of the Wind Line and is crafted in Costa Rica 

 Double Corona

“When laying these Double Coronas down to age 6 years ago I wanted to limit this production to only 2000 exclusive cigars. The DotW Enigma is a blend that joins both my past and current journey in the world of premium tobacco,” explains Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder of Casdagli Cigars the birth story of the Enigma. “My favorite cigar in the mid-1990s was the Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona. You can look for hints there. Enjoy the smoke, enjoy the history,” adds Jeremy with an elusive wink. 

“A classic vitola using very difficult to get filler tobaccos that took over 5 years to create is definitely a proposal one can not refuse. Maybe one of the best Double Coronas I’ve ever had – a well-aged beautiful smoke with lots of aromas. We have decided to team up with Jeremy on this joint-project to offer some of the rarest blends that can be created by any manufacturer. In fact, no one can recreate it. The filler tobacco will remain enigmatically undisclosed and won’t even be shared within our circle,” adds Woody Ghsoubi of Club Mareva Beirut. 

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