Date: April 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Casdagli Cigars soon available in New Zealand. Jeremy Casdagli and Grant Ovenden from Canteros agreed to an exclusive distribution agreement for New Zealand. The Casdagli cigars will be available as soon as the transportation problems created by the coronavirus and the lockdown in many countries has been resolved. Casdagli has an international bonded warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia.

Casdagli Cigars

Formerly knows as Bespoke, Casdagli Cigars have been around for almost 25 years now. In 1997, Jeremy Casdagli met the Cuban torcedor, Carlos Valdez Mosquera. After her retired from Habanos, he started making his personal blends and vitolas. Those blends attracted Casdagli and together they formed Bespoke cigars. At first, the small scale production was exclusively sold on the London markets but the company grew slowly. When Valdez Mosquera retired completely, Casdagli moved production to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Last year, Casdagli changed the name from Bespoke to Casdagli Cigars. Casdagli tried to get the Bespoke name trademarked in the United States. The United States Patent and Trademark Office told Casdagli that it was a generic name and could not be trademarked. Much to his surprise, Alec Bradley managed to get a trademark for Bespoke years later. After a friendly discussion with Alan Rubin, Casdagli agreed to rebrand to Casdagli Cigars. A move that would be able to incorporate the incredible Casdagli family history into his cigars. 


Tired of not being able to buy New World cigars in their home country of New Zealand, local aficionados Michael Lee and Grant “The Cigar Merchant” Ovenden launched Canteros on September first of 2015. Canteros is the only distributor for New World cigars in New Zealand, the country with the second-highest tobacco tax in the world. Casdagli Cigars will be the next brand to be included in the growing portfolio of the distributor. 

Ministry of Cigars Casdagli Cigars soon available in New Zealand

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