July 2023

25 years ago, Jeremy Casdagli started Bespoke cigars, which turned into Casdagli Cigars after a trademark issue with Alec Bradley who had the trademark for Bespoke in the USA. The announced Alec Bradley Bespoke was never released, though. Alan Rubin and Jeremy Casdagli settled the dispute amicably, with Bespoke changing the name to Casdagli Cigars.
25 years is a milestone and deserves a cigar. When the birthday of Casdagli Cigars coincides with the 10th anniversary of working with Hendrik Kelner of Kelner Boutique Factory, it’s only fitting to release a cigar commemorating both events. The 7½x52 Casdagli Traditional 25 Aniversario Double Corona is the result.

“My favourite cigar made for me by the Cuban Torcedor Carlos Valdez Mosquera was a Double Corona. On leaving the Cuban production behind, I met up with Hendrik Kelner Jr to try to get close to his original Cuban blends. So the Traditional Line was born in 2013. It seemed only natural that both the vitola and the Traditional Line blend was married together for this celebration,” explains Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder of Casdagli Cigars, in a press release.

The Casdagli Traditional line has a different blend for each vitola. The new cigar sports an Ecuadorian wrapper over a Dominican binder and filler from the DR, Peru, Nicaragua and USA.

On another note, last week Casdagli announced the Napoleonic Collection but has since decided to change the name to Brothers of the Sabre. The names of the cigars in the line, Brave and Forrader, remain the same. Casdagli Cigars issued the following statement:
“Although we had searched both the Madrid and USA patent offices and confirmed the availability of the word “Napoleonic” to be attached to premium cigar products, we have just been alerted by El Septimo’s lawyers that they were first to the market with this mark. We were unaware that El Septimo had launched a Napoleon cigar, part of their Emperor Collection, at PCA in 2022. So in order to proceed amicably with El Septimo we have made the decision to change the name of this line of cigars to Brothers of the Sabre. All of these Napoleonic Generals wore their sabres into battle so I believe this an appropriately dynamic name for these warriors we seek to honour,” commented Jeremy Casdagli in a press release.

According to Casdagli Cigars, El Septimo has stated they have no issue with Casdagli Cigar’s use of Blücher, Forrader, Ney, or Brave in connection with this line of cigars.

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