Date: February 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Casa Turrent adds four new lines to the 1880 series. Last week the Mexican cigar company showed the cigars off at the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas. The Casa Turrent 1880 was introduced at the end of 2017 and now sees four new blends.

The new lines are all Mexican puros, just like the original Casa Turrent 1880. Every line is named after the wrapper and will be released in one size only. That size is a 6½x55 Toro Gordo. The lines, and wrappers, are Maduro, Colorado, Claro, and Oscuro. The specific details have not been disclosed yet, except that the cigars are all Mexican puros with San Andres Negro and Criollo 98. Some of the tobacco has been aging for over a decade.

Casa Turrent 1880

The Casa Turrent 1880 brand was introduced in late 2017. 1880 is an important date in the Turrent family history. It’s the year when the Turrents started to grow tobacco in Mexico. And now, 140 years later, they are the largest tobacco grower in the North American country. Their Mexican San Andres tobacco is one of the world’s desired tobacco. And by releasing the Casa Turrent 1880, Alejandro Turrent wanted to share that history with the world.

Ministry of Cigars - Casa Turrent adds four new lines

The original Casa Turrent 1880 wasn’t a Mexican puro. It used a Mexican San Andres wrapper and a Mexican Criollo 98 binder. The fillers came from Mexico with the exception of some Nicaraguan Criollo 98. For the four new blends, only Mexican tobacco is used. The cigars are produced in the smaller of the two Turrent owned factories. Turrent also produces the Casa Turrent 1901, 1942, and 1973, other important years for the family, as well as the Te-Amo brands.

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  1. I had the casa Turrent 1880 claro at the big smoke in Las Vegas in November! When will it be released in the U. S.?

    1. They should start shipping within a week or 2 according to Turrent Cigars.

      1. Can you give me an update on the Casa Turrent 1880 Claro

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