October 2020

Casa Turrent 1880 available in the United Kingdom. The Turrent distributor for Great Britain, Tor Imports, is currently shipping the cigars to tobacconist and cigar lounges all over the country. All four blends of the Casa Turrent 1880 series are available to British cigar enthusiasts.

Casa Turrent 1880

The name isn’t chosen because 1880 sounds cool. Just like the other Casa Turrent lines, the year means something. The Turrent family heritage in tobacco dates back to 1880. The family is the largest grower of premium cigar tobacco in Mexico. It’s also the only cigar manufacturer from Mexico with international recognition from the cigar smoking community.

 The Casa Turrent 1880 is a regular production, yet limited in numbers. Only one pair of rollers is assigned for each of the four blends. That limits the production to approximately 5000 cigars of each blend per month. All in one size and one size only. That’s a 6½x55 Toro Gordo.

Ministry of Cigars - Casa Turrent 1880 available in the United Kingdom

Different blends

There are four varieties available. The Casa Turrent 1880 Claro consists of a Mexican Habano Criollo San Andrés Claro wrapper with a Mexican Negro San Andrés binder and a mix of Mexican and Dominican filler. The Colorado blend is a bit darker and stronger with its Mexican Negro San Andrés colorado cover leaf around a Mexican Habano Criollo San Andrés binder and Mexican filler. Darker and stronger than the Colorado, the Oscuro consists entirely of Mexican Habano Criollo San Andrés tobacco. The Maduro is the darkest and most full-bodied of the series. It combines a near-black Negro San Andrés Maduro wrapper with Habano Criollo San Andrés binder and filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Mexico.

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