Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

CAO adds Orellana to the Amazon Basin Series. And the cigar has been shipped to American retailers. We reached out to CAO parent Scandinavian Tobacco Group to inquire if the cigar will be available internationally as well. The tobacco giants responded with good news for cigar aficionados in Spain, France, Denmark, Benelux, and Macau. The CAO Orellana will be released in limited quantities next month.

CAO Amazon Series

The CAO Amazon Basin series was launched in 2014. The cigar got the name from the birth ground of some unique are rare tobacco used in the blend, Bragança. That tobacco is grown in the Amazon rainforest and only harvested once every three years. The cigar is fermented by rolling them into tubes called carottes. And then brought to the mainland in canoes. The cigars didn’t come with a ring, but rather with three carottes wrapped around the cigar as a ring. The single vitola cigar became very popular and sought after. The size is 6×50.

Ministry of Cigars - CAO Amazon Basin

The second edition of the Amazon Basin Trilogy was the Fuma em Corda. That means smoke on a rope and refers to the way the Brazilian tobacco is fermented. Instead of using pilones, the tobacco is rolled into large ropes and fermented that way. This cigar was released in 2017 as a 5×50 Robusto and a 6×58 Toro.

Ministry of Cigars - CAO Amazon Basin Fuma em Corda

2017 saw the release of the third cigar of the Amazon Basin Trilogy as well, the Amazon Anaconda. That cigar used both the Bragança as well as the Fuma em Corda tobacco. It came in a 6×52 size only.

Ministry of Cigars - CAO Amazon Basin Anaconda

The fourth installment

Due to the success of the Trilogy, CAO adds Orellana to the Amazon Basin Series. That is a break from the original Trilogy idea. The new blend is named after the Spanish explorer that discovered the Amazon River, Francisco de Orellana. This cigar comes in a 6×52 Toro size only. The wrapper is Brazilian from Cuban seed. The binder is Nicaraguan. The fillers come from Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Ministry of Cigars - CAO adds Orellana to the Amazon Basin Series


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