March 2015

Can we now legally import Cuban cigars to the United States?

We have been getting a lot of questions lately from readers about the status of Cuban cigar imports. With the US finally normalizing relations with Cuba, restrictions are already beginning to loosen, although not too quickly. Here’s the skinny on bringing Cuban cigars into the country so that you know what you currently can and cannot do!

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

If you are authorized to travel to Cuba, you may purchase alcohol and tobacco products for personal use (not to re-sell) totaling up to $100 in value. That is a combined total. You may personally bring the alcohol and tobacco products back to the USA when you return to the country.

One thing you still cannot do legally is purchase Cuban tobacco or alcohol products online or in another country. So you cannot for example buy Cuban cigars in Nicaragua and then bring them back with you to America. But if you are visiting Cuba, you can buy up to $100 in Cuban cigars, and bring them back to the USA.

As for the future, hopefully restrictions will continue to loosen. In order for full trade to be restored, however, Cuba is requiring that the US return the base at Guantanamo Bay, stop broadcasting anti-Castro messages into Cuba, and also pay millions of dollars for damages due to the embargo. Odds are none of this will be happening any time soon. These are some pretty hefty demands. It is hard to say for sure that Cuba is serious about moving forward. So for now, keep purchases down to $100 or less while you are visiting the island. We will update you if there are any more changes—and we sure hope there will be.

4 thoughts on “Can We Now Legally Import Cuban Cigars into the US?

  1. The embargo has been applied by the US to the US-domestic market to not trade goods from Cuba, not the way around. Cuba has not demanded anything to lift nor continue the embargo. Its the US who is limiting the trade by its self and its the US who is demanding “free elections”/”privatizations”/repatriations and millions of dollars for the confiscation during the revolution in order to lift the self applied embargo.
    Its the US government who should “Bend” and accept the island country with a different system of regime and lift the stupid embargo.

  2. I reached out to US Customs, I was told I can bring back 100 cigars from any country that sells them. You do have to keep them as a carry on. 4/20/2017

  3. So I’m in the DR now 4-17-2016 and I’m being told by the hotel staff at drwams resort I can bring back 50 cuban cigars, but I cannot find any updated information on this. Do you happen to know if this is true? I’ve emailed the ATF but the us customs does not have a contact email.

  4. AYKM? The USPS doesn’t care about Cuban cigars being delivered to the US. They have bigger fish to fry.

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