October 2023

On the 2nd of October, C.Gars Auctions held their third vintage cigar auction of the year, cementing their position as a significant player in the world of luxury cigar trading. Hosted on their dedicated platform, onlinecigarauctions.com, this event wasn’t just another sale but a testament to the growing global interest in rare and aged cigars.

The initial moments of the auction saw a lukewarm start. Bidders seemed hesitant, possibly strategizing their plays, especially on some of the more common boxes. However, as the auction spotlight turned to the aged and rare sections, there was a discernible shift. Interest burgeoned, bids flew, and it became evident that the world of vintage cigars remains an arena of immense allure and competition.

The sheer scale of this auction was impressive. With over 500 lots on offer, it sprawled over a lengthy 8-hour session. By the end, the event had garnered around £1 million GBP. This sum not only indicates the value of the cigars on offer but also places this particular auction at the pinnacle of C.Gars’ sales in terms of total value.

Mitchell Orchant, the managing director of C.Gars, provided insights into the current trends and dynamics of the vintage cigar market. He pointed out the unwavering demand for high-quality aged and rare Havanas. Orchant’s observation about the rising number of online bidders, especially from regions like China and Europe, suggests a broadening base of cigar enthusiasts and collectors. This global interest, particularly in brands such as Cohiba, Davidoff, and Dunhill, reached unparalleled levels during this auction.

The highlights of the auction underscored the aforementioned trends:

  • A Cabinet of 30 Cohiba Seleccion Reserva was sold for £8,900.
  • The Cubatabaco 1492 humidor, containing 50 cigars, stood out with a final bid of £61,500.
  • Romeo y Julieta’s 125th-anniversary humidor found a new home at £20,000.
  • Davidoff’s offerings from the ’80s, such as the Chateau Margaux and the no.1, fetched £6,850 and £5,600 respectively.
  • A jar of 50 Pre-embargo H Upmann Crystales was secured at £7,000.
  • Vintage offerings from Dunhill, like the Hoyo De Monterrey Seleccion Suprema No. 852 and the Por Larranaga Dunhill Seleccion No.31 from the 1970s, commanded £27,500 and £29,000 respectively.

Beyond the numbers, what truly stands out is the unwavering allure of vintage and aged cigars. Like fine wines, cigars mature, mellow out, and develop intricate flavor profiles over time. This aging process, combined with the historical and geographical narratives tied to vintage cigars, makes them more than just a luxury item. They become a piece of history, a journey back in time with every puff.

Auctions, such as the one held by C.Gars, offer enthusiasts, collectors, and even novices an avenue to delve into this world. They present an opportunity to secure rare finds, discover new brands, and understand the shifting landscapes of the cigar market. As this recent auction demonstrated, the world of vintage cigars remains robust, dynamic, and full of surprises.

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