Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Brizard Accessories are soon available in Germany. Cyril Brizard, founder of Brizard and Co, and Hung Ma of PassionPuro announced that they will work together. PassionPuro will be distributing the Brizard accessories in Germany.

Brizard and Co

For at least two decades, Cyril Brizard has been making cigar accessories. But he founded Brizard & Co just ten years ago. All the woodwork, leatherwork and some of the metalwork is done in-house. In his workshop in California. All American made, where other brands often use cheap labor countries such as China.

Brizard has cigar holders, cutters, lighters and lifestyle accessories. And they are all made in collections, so they match with each other. As long as you pick accessories from one collection, they fit together like gloves. And there are many collections to pick from.

Cyril Brizard makes it a mission only to use FSC certified wood for his products. He uses some very exclusive, rare, tropical hardwoods for his accessories. But Brizard said that using the wood without replacing it would feel bad. So when he heard about the Forest Steward Council he decided that all his wood has to be certified by them. The FSC is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of woods and forests. It was founded in 1993.

Brizard has made limited edition cigar cases and humidors for brands such as Padron, Arturo Fuente but also for accessory legend St Dupont.

Ministry of Cigars Brizard Accessories soon available in Germany


Distributor PassionPuro is a young company, supplying Germany with a range of boutique brands. Those brands include Blanco Cigars, Mombacho, La Sirena, Hiram & Solomon, and Kafie Cigars. And now they are branching out into accessories as well, adding Brizard & Co to their portfolio. The first accessories are expected to arrive in Germany shortly. Which of the collections will be available is yet to be revealed by PassionPuro and Brizard.

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