Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Boveda humidity packs are now available in Spain. The humidification pack is available through the Spanish premium cigar distributor La Casa del Tabaco. Boveda is best known for its two-way humidity packs, that have become an industry standard.

Many cigar manufacturers use Boveda to ensure the right humidity for their cigars during shipping. And many cigar aficionados use the two-way packs in their humidors for the same reason. It is unclear whether La Casa del Tabaco will be distributing more Boveda products such as the Boveda Butler.

Boveda humidity packs

The humidity packs from Boveda will be available in three different sizes. La Casa del Tabaco will offer the small, 8 gram, packs which are perfect for travel humidors. There’s also a 60-gram version available. And for the humidors, 320-gram packages are for sale. Boveda offers the packages in four different humidities, yet La Casa del Tabaco will only distribute the 72% packs.

Ministry of Cigars Boveda humidity packs are now available in Spain
The 60 gram Boveda packs
Ministry of Cigars Boveda humidity packs are now available in Spain
the 320 gram Boveda pack, perfect for in the humidor

Boveda came on the market in 1997 under the name Humidipack. Their system uses a mixture of mineral salts, water, and food thickener with a reverse osmosis membrane. That way, the Boveda Humidity packs can both absorb water when the humidity is too high, or add moisture to the environment. And their system is mold-proof, unlike many other humidifying systems available on the market.

La Casa del Tabaco

Gesinta is a major player in the Spanish tobacco market. They distribute a lot of the ABC tobacco products available in the country. But that’s not all. The company has a distribution division for Premium Cigars as well. That is La Casa del Tabaco. Brands such as Oliva, Perdomo, My Father Cigars, Tatuaje, Kraken and Condega are distributed by La Casa del Tabaco. The last two brands are owned by Gesinta as well.

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