Date: October 2023
Author: Inspector Y

The Boutique Cigar Association (BCA) proudly announces its strong opposition to the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed regulations for tobacco products manufacturing. With a deep commitment to preserving the rich tradition of handcrafted cigars, the BCA continues taking a stand to protect the rights and heritage of boutique cigar manufacturers across the nation.

The FDA’s new proposed rules, which were recently unveiled, have raised significant concerns within the cigar industry. Under these proposed regulations, boutique cigar manufacturers face the prospect of increased compliance costs and a stifling of their ability to continue producing unique and artisanal tobacco products.

BCA Board of Directors emphasize that the boutique cigar industry has thrived on its dedication to craftsmanship and the creation of distinctive, high-quality cigars. These proposed FDA regulations threaten to impose burdensome restrictions that could cripple our members’ ability to continue producing these beloved products.

The BCA’s opposition to the FDA’s proposed regulations are many, by centres on a few key points:

1. Preservation of Tradition: Boutique cigar manufacturers play a vital role in preserving the centuries-old tradition of cigar making. The proposed regulations, if implemented, would undermine this tradition and jeopardize the livelihoods of countless skilled artisans.
2. Economic Impact: The boutique cigar industry contributes significantly to the economy, providing jobs and supporting local communities. Increased compliance costs and regulatory hurdles could lead to layoffs and business closures, negatively affecting both the industry and its workforce.
3. Consumer Choice: Boutique cigars offer consumers a diverse range of flavours and experiences. The BCA believes that individuals should have the freedom to choose from a variety of tobacco products and not be limited by excessive regulations.
4. Fair Regulatory Framework: The BCA acknowledges the importance of reasonable regulation to ensure product safety and protect public health. However, the proposed rules fail to strike a fair balance between regulation and the preservation of an artisanal industry.

The Boutique Cigar Association invites all stakeholders, including lawmakers, industry partners, and enthusiasts, to join in their efforts to oppose these restrictive regulations. The association is committed to working collaboratively to find solutions that uphold the tradition of boutique cigar manufacturing while addressing legitimate public health concerns.

The Boutique Cigar Association is a dedicated advocate for boutique cigar manufacturers in the United States. With a mission to protect and promote the interests of artisanal cigar producers, the BCA seeks to preserve the tradition, craftsmanship, and diverse offerings of premium boutique cigars.

The BCA’s  official statement is attached below.

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