Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Blend 15 for The Netherlands. Last month, A.J. Fernandez released his first bundle cigar. Well, to be precise, not the first bundle cigars he makes in his factory, but the first under his own name. Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez is making the Reposado bundles for Maier & Dutch for example. But the new line. Blend 15, is a product under the AJF umbrella. 

The name of the new line is Blend 15 and it will come in three sizes. There will be a 3½x50 Short Robusto, a 5×50 Robusto, and a 6×50 Toro. The cigars come in paper bundles of 15 cigars. The line is exclusive for the international distributors of the A.J. Fernandez brands. Yet, as we mentioned last month, the trademark is registered in the United States as well. It would not surprise us if Blend 15 is introduced at TPE or PCA next year.

Ministry of Cigars - Blend 15 for The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The A.J. Fernandez distributor in The Netherlands confirms the arrival of the cigars. They arrive at the warehouse of Longfiller Company today. The cigars are only available in a maximum of 40 retail locations. Those include the flagship store of Nicaraguan cigars, Cigaragua in Amsterdam. And the other four retail shops owned by Longfiller Company founder Sasja Van Horssen. Van Dalen Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, and the brand new Van Dalen Amsterdam are 5 of the 40 tobacconists that offer the cigars to cigar enthusiasts in The Netherlands.

Since the cigars come in bundles, and bundle cigars are meant to be sold by the bundle, Longfiller Company is advising the retailers to sell the bundles as such. The Netherlands works with fixed prices, the cigars cost exactly the same in every shop. The short robusto has a price tag of €55. The Robusto comes in at €60 and the toro is € 65. Each of the 40 retailers gets a beautiful display for the bundles.

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