Date: January 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Smokers of Cuban Cigars, we cannot say it enough: be sure about your sources. Only buy from legit shops, trusted sources with ties to Habanos or official Habanos dealers.

The last few months we keep seeing more and more pictures of counterfeit Cuban cigars in several different facebook groups. And it’s a shame, it’s bad for the reputation of Cuban cigars, it’s sad for the victim of the scammers and you never know what you smoke. We have all heard the horror stories of rolled up banana leaves, floor sweepings, plastic, dirt etcetera. Now, of course, most counterfeit cigars will be made with real tobacco, but not in the same blend as what you expect, probably low-quality tobacco or tobacco from other countries (which doesn’t have to be a downside by the way).

Sometimes it’s hard to see if a cigar is fake or not, some counterfeiters have pride in what they do and for a novice, it might be hard to tell the difference between a real Cohiba and a fake one. But sometimes it’s so obvious and yet people still buy the cigars, even though a two-minute Google search would save them from a terrible buy. And for those people, we don’t feel sorry.

For example, take these Chinese made Behike Limited Edition 2016, if you buy that, then you deserve to smoke floor sweepings. The color is too dark, but if you’re a novice, you might not know that. But a simple online search will tell you there has never been a Behike Limited Edition 2016, and that the Behike line comes in black ten-count boxes.

Another nice one, Cohiba cigars in boxes with a plastic see-through top, the so-called ‘glass top’ boxes. Those are all fake, that information is easy to find online. Cohibas in bundles, handmade Cuban cigars in cellophane, limited editions in vitolas that never saw the light of day, that information is readily available online, so before you pull the trigger, use the internet and protect yourself.

2 thoughts on “Beware of counterfeit Cubans

  1. I ordered Cuban cigars on line twice both came with broken seals is this normal or they exchanging real for fake.

    1. It all depends on your source. Some shops open the boxes for inspection

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