Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Bespoke brings back the daughters of the wind due to demand from the middle east. The cigars are so popular there that Bespoke owner Jeremy Casdagli decided to reintroduce the Daughters of the wind as a regular production line.

While most of Bespoke is made on the Dominican Republic, at Hendrik Kelner Jr’s factory, the Daughters of the wind are made in Costa Rica. The IGM factory is responsible for the production. The filler is composed of tobacco from Peru and the Dominican Republic. The binder is from Costa Rica. The wrapper comes from Ecuador.

Daughters of the wind is a famous Arabian poem, written in the 6th century. Casdagli named the cigars after that poem.

For now, the cigars will be available in the Middle East, The Netherlands through distributor Cigar Agent, Poland through distributor Iguana and Germany through distributor Kleinlagel. Once more countries follow, we will publish it.

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