December 2023

For those venturing into the cigar world, selecting the right cigar can seem daunting. The myriad of options, with varying sizes, types, and brands, can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide is crafted to assist beginners in navigating this selection process, ensuring a pleasurable cigar smoking experience.

Three key factors should guide your choice: the time you have to enjoy the cigar, its strength, and your budget. While there are other nuances to consider, these three are the foundational aspects.

Cigar Size and Time Allocation

The size of the cigar is crucial in relation to the time you have to smoke. This aspect, often overlooked by novices, is vital in making an appropriate choice. For example, if you only have a brief window of time daily, a large cigar would be impractical. Conversely, if your intention is to enjoy a leisurely evening, larger cigars or a variety would be more fitting.

A common beginner mistake is purchasing a large cigar with the notion that it can be partially smoked and finished later. This practice, not widely accepted among cigar enthusiasts, significantly diminishes the cigar’s quality. A cigar relit after being extinguished rarely retains its original flavor profile and can become harsh. Therefore, it’s advisable to select a cigar that aligns with your available smoking time.

Understanding Cigar Strength

Cigar strength is a critical consideration, particularly for beginners. Embarking on your cigar journey with a very strong cigar might not be enjoyable. Cigars are meant to be savored luxuries, not challenges to your tolerance. For those new to cigars, milder or lighter-bodied options are advisable. Brands like Hoyo de Monterrey, Quai D’Orsay, and Romeo y Julieta offer gentler Cuban cigars well-suited for beginners.

As you become more accustomed to cigars, you might explore stronger varieties. It’s recommended to smoke after a meal to mitigate the effects of a strong cigar. Smoking on an empty stomach can lead to discomfort. Pairing a cigar with a drink, especially a sweet one for stronger cigars, can also balance the experience.

Budget Considerations

Selecting cigars that fit within your budget is vital to ensure that your enjoyment of this hobby is sustainable and free from financial stress. The allure of high-end cigars can be strong, but it’s crucial to remember that the cigar world offers excellent experiences across a wide range of price points. You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a quality smoke. Budget-friendly options can provide a satisfying experience, allowing you to explore various flavors and styles without significant financial commitment.

It’s also wise to consider the costs associated with cigar accessories and storage. Investing in a good humidor, a reliable cutter, and a proper lighter is essential for preserving your cigars and enhancing your smoking experience. These tools, while adding to the initial cost, are key in maintaining the quality and longevity of your cigars. Setting a budget for your cigar purchases, including these accessories, will help you enjoy your passion for cigars without it becoming a financial burden.

Additional Considerations for Cigar Selection

Beyond the primary factors of time, strength, and budget, several other considerations can enhance your cigar experience. These include the cigar’s origin, wrapper type, and the tobacco’s age. Each of these elements contributes to the cigar’s overall flavor profile and smoking experience.

Cigar Origin

The country of origin can significantly influence the cigar’s flavor. For instance, Cuban cigars are renowned for their distinct taste, while Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars offer their unique profiles.

Wrapper Type

The wrapper not only contributes to the cigar’s appearance but also affects its flavor. From the light Connecticut wrapper to the dark Maduro, each type offers a different taste experience.

Tobacco Age

The aging process of the tobacco used in cigars impacts their smoothness and flavor depth. Generally, the longer the tobacco is aged, the more refined the flavor.

Cigar Storage and Maintenance

Effective storage of cigars is a critical aspect of maintaining their quality and flavor. The cornerstone of proper cigar storage is the use of a humidor. Humidors are designed to regulate humidity levels, creating an optimal environment for your cigars. This controlled environment is essential to prevent your cigars from drying out, which can lead to a harsh smoking experience, or becoming overly moist, which can cause mold and deterioration. The ideal humidity level for most cigars is between 68% and 72%, a range that maintains the natural oils and characteristics of the tobacco.

Regular maintenance of your humidor is just as important as the initial decision to use one. This includes monitoring the humidity levels consistently and making adjustments as necessary. Fluctuations in humidity can be caused by external factors like changes in room temperature or season. Keeping an eye on these conditions and reacting accordingly will ensure that your cigars remain in prime condition, ready to be enjoyed at their best. This level of attention not only preserves your cigars but also enhances your overall smoking experience.

Final Thoughts

This guide provides a starting point for beginners in choosing a cigar. It’s important to remember that cigar smoking is a personal experience, and preferences can vary widely. We encourage exploring different cigars while keeping in mind the principles of time, strength, and budget. Future articles will delve deeper into the art and culture of cigar smoking, offering more insights for enthusiasts. In the meantime, explore our selection of Cuban and New World cigars, and embark on your journey in the fascinating world of cigars.

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