May 2020

Barreda cigars coming to Malaysia. Distributor Puros Asia and Barreda Cigars confirmed that a shipment of Don Chico cigars and Cocktail cigars is leaving Nicaragua soon for southeast Asia. 


 “I met Stephanie and Oscar from Barreda Cigars at Intertabac last year” Jeremy Tay from Puros Asia explained. “Art Garcia is producing his Antigua Esteli cigars from the Barreda factory. I have a shipment of Antigua Esteli waiting to be shipped to Malaysia. Stephanie reached out to see if I was interested in some Barreda cigars as well. I remember reading a raving review on the Don Chico Ecuador/Habano on here. That made me pull the trigger.” 

Puros Asia ordered the Don Chico Maduro and Don Chico Habano. The Don Chico Habano is known as the Don Chico Ecuador in the international markets due to a copyright claim from Habanos. Barreda’s short filler bundle cigars, Cocktail, are also included in the shipment. But only the smallest vitola, the 4⅜x46 Puntica.

Don Chico & Cocktail

Cocktail is a series of cigars with colorful rings. Each vitola has a different color ring. But the blend is the same. A Nicaraguan Habano Criollo 98 wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder. The filler is a short filler, with an undisclosed blend. These cigars are very affordable and Tay said he will use these to pair with cocktails at his lounge, The Cabinet. They are also perfect for occasional smokers visiting the lounge, not willing to pay top dollar for a cigar.

Don Chico is a tribute to Don Francisco Barreda. Francisco ‘Don Chico’ Barreda was a cigar manufacturer and the grandfather of Oscar Barreda. He honored the knowledge and passion he got from him in two cigars. Don Chico Habano and Don Chico Maduro. The cigars use the same filler and binder, yet the wrappers are different. The filler is all Nicaraguan. The binder comes from Indonesia. The Maduro has a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. The Habano sports an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. These blends will come to Malaysia in a 5×50 Robusto vitola.

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - Barreda cigars coming to Malaysia.

Antigua Esteli

Even though Antigua Esteli is produced at the Barreda factory, the production is completely controlled by Art Garcia. He runs his team, oversees everything concerning Antigua Esteli. Much like Rocky Patel’s relationship with the Plasencia family in Honduras. The shipment of Antigua Esteli Segovia are expected to arrive in Malaysia shortly. Last November, Puros Asia and Antigua Esteli came to a distribution agreement yet it took more than 6 months for the cigars to be shipped. The delay was caused due to backorders at the box-factory, covid-19 and Antigua Esteli had to focus on the upcoming court case against My Father Cigars.

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