Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Balmoral redesigns the packaging for the Balmoral Dominican Selection. For decades, Royal Agio has been making cigars in the Dominican Republic. Not only handmade premium cigars but also machine made cigars. And a large portion of those machine-made cigars are known as the Balmoral Dominican Selection. Or as Balmoral Dominican, because with the new packaging arrives, the line loses the ‘Selection’ name.

All over Europe, (machine made) short fillers are very popular. And in most of the cases, those cigars are made from Indonesian tobacco. But not the Balmoral Dominican. These cigars contain Dominican and Brazilian filler. The binder is Dominican. The wrapper comes from Ecuador. It’s a natural shade grown Connecticut wrapper.

Balmoral Dominican

Royal Agio has redesigned the packaging. The cigars were introduced in 2001, so it was time for a new fresh look. The restyling gives the brand a more contemporary look. The blend remains the same.

The Balmoral Dominican is available in several sizes. Those are Small Panatela, Short Corona. Panatela, Corona and Churchill. The Corona is available in Tubos as well. The Churchill is only available in Tubos. Then there are the private collection and the collection.

Ministry of Cigars Balmoral redesigns packaging Dominican
Ministry of Cigars Balmoral redesigns packaging Dominican.
Old versus new packaging with German warning labels

About Agio

In 1904 Jacques Wintermans borrowed 200 Dutch guilders from his father to set up a small company. He named the business A.Wintermans & Sons. From 1950 onwards the company was known as Agio Cigars. The village of Duizel in Brabant at the heart of the historic cigar-producing region in De Kempen is where it all started. And Duizel is still the home of the family business to this day.

This is where four generations of cigar makers have passed down their knowledge and know-how. The shared passion and love of the profession reflected in the taste of their products have made Agio one of the world’s foremost cigar manufacturers. They employ 2,500 people, produce more than 770 million cigars every year and export to more than 100 countries.

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