Date: June 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua coming to Europe. Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the new owners of Royal Agio and Balmoral are releasing the latest Balmoral Añejo XO blend in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Germany and Switzerland have already seen the introduction, France, The Netherlands and Belgium can expect the cigars soon. The cigar was introduced to the American market in 2019, yet Scandinavian Tobacco Group discontinued all Balmoral brands in the United States. As well as the Royal Agio made San Pedro de Macoris lines.

Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua

Ever since Royal Agio released the Balmoral Añejo 18 in 2012, the line has impressed cigar lovers all over the world. The initial release was made with an 18-year-old Brazilian wrapper. When Royal Agio ran out of the wrapper, the Dutch cigar maker followed it up with the Balmoral Añejo XO which became a popular cigar all over Europe. It was such a success that Royal Agio introduced several extensions to the Balmoral Añejo XO series. First there was the Balmoral Añejo XO Oscuro, followed by the Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut. Last year, Royal Agio did what many Dominican brands did before and it looked at Nicaragua for a new line. That became the Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua.

Unlike the new Camacho Nicaragua, Nicaragua in the Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua actually means Nicaragua. Where the Camacho uses the name but only has a little bit of Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler, the Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua uses Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler and as a wrapper. It’s a Sun Grown Habano wrapper. The binder is a Cuban seed Brazilian tobacco, which is wrapped over three different filler tobaccos. Those are the Balmoral signature stalk-cut Brazilian Mata Fina, Dominican Olor, and tobacco from Esteli, Nicaragua.

Balmoral selects the best 5% of the available tobacco for the Añejo XO series. After selection, the tobacco is extensively aged. The quality control for the Balmoral Añejo XO series is high, as the brand is the flagship of Royal Agio. The cigars are produced at the STG/General Cigars factory in San Pedro de Macoris. This factory was previously known as Royal Agio Caribbean Cigars

Ministry of Cigars - Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua

The sizes

The Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua will fall in line with the three other Balmoral Añejo XO blends. It will be available in five sizes. Those are the 6¼x52 Torpedo MK52. The Gran Toro measures 6×52. Then there is a 5×55 Rothschild Masivo and a 5⅞x42 Corona. Last but not least there is a Petit Robusto FT of 4¼x48, where FT stands for flag tail.

We reviewed the Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut Rothschild Masivo, Balmoral Añejo XO Gran Toro, Balmoral Añejo XO Oscuro Lancero, Balmoral Añejo XO Gordo in the past. We have not reviewed or even smoked the Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua yet.

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