Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Aviation event with David Blanco from Blanco Cigars. People that know Blanco, or follow him on social media know he’s a retired military man. And that he still has a lot of passion for the military and aviation. Recently he parachuted over France in a re-enactment of the D-Day invasion that ended the Nazi Germany rule over Europe and was the start of the end of the Second World War. So that his distributor in The Netherlands, Kelch Trading, manages to host an event at a small yet international airport in Teuge, The Netherlands seems very fitting.

Ministry of Cigars - Aviation event with David Blanco
David Blanco (front and center) after the WW2 reenactment last June

The location

Teuge airbase has a few hangars. And in one of those hangars, the owner built a private bar. The style of the bar is based upon the Second World War. And it’s the perfect setting to release the new Blanco cigar: above & beyond. This cigar is a tribute to the allies who fought to free Europe from the Nazis and the victims of those animals.

During the event, it is possible to fly in old airplanes. But get in touch with the co-organizer Jeroen Aalbers first. There is a price to pay for the flights, but that price hasn’t been publicly revealed. If you just want to party with David Blanco at these unique locations, tickets are available for €30 and include 2 Blanco cigars.

Teuge Airport

The airport was opened as a grass strip airport in 1935. But today, it has a 1200 meter tarmac landing strip. It is a small airport and airplanes up to 6000 kg of weight are allowed to land. It was also the airport where the royal family landed when they returned to The Netherlands after the second world war. Today, the airport is best known for the air gliders that take off and land there, it’s the home for several police helicopters and it’s a national parachute center. But on Friday, September 27th, it is the location for an aviation event with David Blanco. Interested? Go to the Facebook event page and contact the organizers.

Ministry of Cigars - Aviation event with David Blanco
Teuge international airport
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