Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Australia is getting Marrero Aquatico 45. That is the latest series of beautiful creations by Marrero cigars. The company and the Australian distributor Firmin Cigars came to a distribution agreement earlier this year. Firmin confirmed that the Aquatico 45 has been ordered, and is being shipped to Australia. Due to the high tax in Australia, the cigars will be prices are expected to be somewhere between 85 AUD and 110 AUD.

Marrero Artistico

The Dominican cigar company Marrero is famous for its cigars that are works of art. Almost too beautiful to smoke. And for the new Aquatico 45 line, they draw inspiration from sea creatures like seahorses. Each cigar in every single ten count box has a different design. And all the designs are made with 100 percent tobacco, no additional coloring has been used.

Marrero creates designs by using different types and colors of tobacco. Candela, Rosado, Maduro, Connecticut Shade and Sun Grown Habano offer enough variety to make the different designs. All the tobacco is grown in the Dominican Republic, making the cigars Dominican Puros. The cigars are produced at the MCR factory in Tamboril.

Felix Gonzalez

The cigars are designed by Felix Gonzalez, who is co-owner of the factory and the brand. He oversees the production of the cigars as well. And the 6 inch long cigars have an unusual shape. The ring gauge starts at 54 and builds up to a 62 ring foot. The foot itself isn’t straight cut as most cigars, but it’s cut in a 45-degree angle. That explains the 45 in the Aquatico 45 name.

Felix Gonzalez is a cigar industry veteran. He worked for Arturo Fuente, La Flor Dominicana, and Davidoff before he teamed up with Marrero. In this new company, where he is co-owner, he found an outlet for his creativity. Not without success as the Marrero Artistico and Aquatico 45 are getting noticed.

Ministry of Cigars - Australia is getting Marrero Aquatico 45
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