November 2023

After more than five years of meticulous preparation, the highly anticipated Atabey Black Ritos by Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco has commenced shipping to United Cigar Branded lounges and NFT Box holders. This release marks a significant milestone as the world’s first cigar NFT, with the Atabey Black Ritos NFT initially introduced in 2021, available for purchase as single and box NFTs.

In a ground-breaking move, cigar enthusiasts had the unique opportunity to acquire NFT boxes at a fixed price of $1,200, departing from the conventional auction format. The charitable intent behind the release aimed to redefine the intersection of technology and cigar culture. The five NFT boxes, acquired by U.S.-based retailers, have now granted them the privilege to purchase a designated allocation of this highly limited production.

Following an extensive five-year post-roll aging process in Selected Tobacco’s aging rooms, the Atabey Black Ritos is ready for distribution and will be exclusively available at only ten select retailers across the country. This meticulously crafted masterpiece represents the epitome of the Atabey line, characterized by an amplified body. Measuring 6 1/8 x 55 and featuring a dark Ecuador wrapper, the Atabey Black Series is currently limited to one vitola. The release comprises only 5,000 cigars rolled in 2018, each undergoing aging in rooms adorned with five different cedars and French Oak, contributing to a depth and complexity that distinguishes the Atabey Black Ritos.

Presented in elegant, black lacquered boxes of 25, the Atabey Black Ritos exudes sophistication and luxury in every detail. Priced at $50 per cigar, this exclusive offering is reserved for those who embraced the vision of United Cigars and Selected Tobacco, venturing into uncharted territory with the cigar industry’s first NFT.

Nelson Alfonso, the mastermind behind the Atabey Black Ritos, expressed his dedication to creating a cigar that captures the essence of luxury and exclusivity. He states, “Atabey Black Ritos captures the essence of Atabey with an exotic twist. We have spared no effort in creating a cigar that embodies the essence of luxury and exclusivity. It is my honour to offer this to those who understand and appreciate what we try to do.”

This release is not merely a cigar; it is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship invested in creating an extraordinary smoking experience. With its limited availability and unparalleled quality, the Atabey Black Ritos is poised to become a highly sought-after collectible and a must-have for aficionados of fine cigars.

The Atabey Black Ritos will be exclusively available at the following retailers in 2023:

  • Ambassador Fine Cigars, Phoenix, AZ
  • Byron Cigar Lounge, Schaumburg, IL
  • Cigarz on the Ave, Winter Park, FL
  • Corona Cigar Co., Orlando, FL
  • Franklin Cigars, Franklin, TN
  • Industrial Cigar Co., Frisco, TX
  • Maxamar Ultimate Cigars, Orange, CA
  • Red Beard Cigar Co., Cottonwood, AZ
  • Tobacco Leaf, Robbinsville, NJ
  • Two Guys Smoke Shop, Nashua, NH

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