Date: September 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Asylum releasing the next limited edition. The follow-up to the Asylum Seven is Asylum 8. The number represents the number of years that Asylum is active in the cigar market. The brand was launched in 2012 by Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka. 

Just like last year, the limited edition Asylum is going to be available in two sizes. The signature 7×70 Super Gordo and a 6×48/54/48 figured called 11/18. 11/18 is named as a tribute to Christian Eiroa’s mother. It’s a vitola invented by the Eiroa family. They used it at Camacho when they owned the brand. Christian Eiroa also uses the vitola for his Eiroa and Asylum brands. All cigars come in single coffins.

Ministry of Cigars - Asylum releasing the next limited edition

October release

The cigars are expected to reach the retailers in October in the United States. The international markets will follow later. Even though the sizes are the same as last year, the blend isn’t. Asylum seven used Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. Asylum 8 is a Honduran puro. The number of cigars haven’t been disclosed as production numbers are still being finalized. There is a maximum of 20.000 cigars though.

Asylum Cigars is planning to make it a recurring release with a new blend every year to commemorate the birthday of the brand. The company is a collaboration between Christian Eiroa and his long time friend Tom Lazuka. The duo worked together at Camacho before the Eiroa family sold the brand to Davidoff. Lazuka worked for Davidoff for a whole, before starting Asylum Cigars with Eiroa when he returned to the cigar industry. Asylum Cigars falls under the Tabacalera Unidas umbrella, a number of companies and brands all connected with Christian Eiroa.

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