Date: May 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Around the world in 80 cigars – the podcast. Last year, author Nick Hammond released a book about cigars. Around the world in 80 cigars is a collection of stories from Hammond’s travels around the world. And in each and every story, cigars play a big part. And now, he turned to a podcast to continue his storytelling.

‘I’ve been planning it for a while, as I tend to keep an audio diary of sorts, and so have lots of old audio from my many travels and adventures around the world,” Hammond said to Cigar Journal, one of the magazines he writes for. ‘And then all this madness descended and I realized there were a lot of potentially bored folks out there. So, I decided to do my bit to ‘entertain the troops!’”.

Ministry of Cigars - Around the world in 80 cigars


In each podcast, Hammond invites a guest for an in-depth chat. Either guests from famous tobacco stores, or representatives of cigar importers and distributors. It’s all about tales, laughs, and cigars. 

“It’s something to take people’s mind off what else is around them, just for a little while. I have a very interesting and different contacts book and I’d like to share a few names from it. I’ve been astounded by how well the pod’s gone down, to be honest.” As long as the lockdown in the United Kingdom lasts, Hammond will produce a new show each Friday. The podcasts can be heard on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Podbean and Hammond’s website

For those who have not read the book, we highly recommend it. The stories are well written, Hammond has the ability to take you to the places he writes about in your mind. And after listening to the podcast, you can imagine the wonderful, and often hilarious, stories in Hammond’s voice and accent. That makes the stories even more fun, especially the one where he gets stuck in a minefield and lights up a cigar. Read the interview we did with Nick Hammond here.

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