October 2020

Antigua Esteli Cigars changes name. The new name is Segovias de Esteli. The change in name is not a global name change. The new name is for the United States and a select few other markets. With the name change, the legal actions between Antigua Esteli and My Father Cigars are a thing of the past.

According to Art Garcia, owner and founder of Segovias de Esteli is a result of rebranding and corporate restructuring. It reflects and mirrors the growth and transformation of the company. Garcia said to us that he’s very excited to start this new chapter. The blends of the Segovias cigars won’t change. Garcia continues: “The Segovias de Esteli products will continue to live up to the quality and refinement that our valued customers have come to know and expect both within the U.S and abroad around the world. We will continue to operate outside the U.S with the name Antigua Esteli and we look forward to growing our brand, reputation, and our U.S customer base under our new name in the United States as Segovias de Esteli.”

New identity

The design of the new identity is to satisfy all the existing expectations of what the original mark stands for. It also moves the brand forward simultaneously. It acknowledges the domestic and international spirit of the current product line and to showcase the upcoming line of cigars that will exceed our customers’ expectations Segovias de Esteli says in a press release. The press release continues: “In one sense, Segovias de Esteli represents an evolution from our previous experience, origins, and roots. Segovias de Esteli represents the finest cigars.”

Arturo Garcia Chevreuil aka Art Garcia is the owner and founder of Antigua Esteli. He is in no way affiliated or otherwise connected to Don Pepin Garcia and the rest of the My Father family.

United States

With the new name, Segovias de Esteli makes a statement. A statement that they are ready to be fully perceived as high-end blenders and manufacturers of hand-made premium cigars effective immediately. Under the Antigua Esteli name, the company was awarded the best small booth of the IPCPR of 2019. The internationally acclaimed magazine Cigar Journal rated the Segovias 92 and placed it #12 in the top 25 of 2019. Our rating for the Segovias Maduro is also 92.

Segovias de Esteli wants to reassure all existing commercial relations that they are here to stay. All customers, retailers, partners, suppliers, personnel, and shareholders get information about new lines of cigars. Garcia promises that the blends of the new lines are as good or even better to prove to the world that Segovias de Esteli is here to stay.

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