Date: January 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Another one bites the dust. On January 31st, Roks Sigaren (Bussum, Netherlands) closes the doors for good, after 87 years in business. The shop survived the Second World War, recessions, legislation but can’t find a successor. With Hans Roks ready to retire, the ultimate decision had to be made and the plug had to be pulled. 

Even though the shop is successful and healthy, it’s impossible to find a successor. Nobody dares to invest in a cigar shop anymore, and banks won’t supply loans to young entrepreneurs who want to open or purchase a tobacconist. So it’s the end of an era. Roks was the last tobacconist standing in Bussum, a small town with 32.000 citizens. In the heyday of tobacco, the town had over 40 tobacconists.


In 1932 Cees and Anna Roks started their small shop in Bussum. Anna worked full-time at the shop, where her husband Cees had a day job as an engineer. But after World War II, where Cees Roks had to hide from the Nazis in a small compartment in the shop, he decided to join his wife full-time as well. 

In 1969, their youngest son, Hans, joined the family business as a full-time employee. A decade later he purchased the shop from his parents. Hans went with the time and in the 1990s a humidor was installed for the premium longfillers that were becoming more popular. And he decided to remain a true tobacconist, selling only tobacco and tobacco accessories. 

Family business

Roks Cigars is a true family business. Even though Hans, the youngest son, is the owner, his brother and sister are helping him out even though they are way past retirement age. Whenever you walked into the shop, Richard (79) and Greetje (82) would welcome you and cater to all your tobacco needs. Starting on February 1st, they will enjoy their retirement as well. And the cigar smokers in Bussum? They will have to find a new supplier for their beloved cigars. We with Hans, Greetje & Richard much happiness in their retirement.

3 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. A well deserved retirement, but a sad day for the people who enjoy a good cigar..

    I will miss the professional, elegant and classy service of the Roks family.

  2. That’s terrible to hear. What a great loss.

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