Date: January 2019
Author: Inspector Z

The Dutch Provence of Limburg, in the south of The Netherlands, bordering Belgium and Germany, isn’t blessed with many specialized tobacco shops. And in the last few years, more have been closed than opened.

A few years ago a brand new La Casa Del Habano opened in the city of Maastricht, but recently Davidoff closed their shop, which happens to be in the same street. Eduard Dekkers in Heerlen closed its doors due to retirement and now the same is happening to Augustus van Neer in Sittard.

Cigar manufacturer Hubert Augustus opened his cigar shop 82 years ago on the same spot as where the shop is today. The shop has been losing money for a few years, according to owner Leon Kissels, mainly because of the steep increase of cigarette and roll your own tobacco tax increases. Neighboring countries Germany, which is literally around the corner, and Belgium, only a fifteen-minute ride away, didn’t follow the Dutch price increases, making it lucrative for smokers to buy their tobacco in Belgium or Germany. Even though Kissels doesn’t share the last name with founder Hubert Augustus, he is directly related making the shop a family owned business.

When the door will open for the last time isn’t completely clear, but it will be before March 1st. It depends on the sale of the remaining stock.

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