September 2020

Ammodor cigar humidors soon available in Malaysia. The handcrafted humidors made from genuine United States Military surplus metal ammunition cans are available through Puros Asia. A selection of humidors is currently on its way to the southeast Asian country. They will be available online and at The Cabinet cigar lounge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cigar punches made from previously fired bullet shells will also be available.

Ministry of Cigars - Ammodors humidors soon available in Malaysia


The first Ammodor tactical humidor was made in 1998. And still today, all Ammodor humidors are handmade in the United States using premium, solid Spanish Cedarwood. The foundation of every Ammodor is a vintage, used ammunition box. These containers are 100% airtight, waterproof, portable, and virtually indestructible. On top of that, every Ammodor humidor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kevin Fisher is the owner of Ammodor LLC. His family has a rich and proud history of US Military service. He started Ammodors as a way to pay tribute to military Veterans as well as current military Service Members. Fisher says, “Ammunition cans are very symbolic of our military. Typically, they are used in combat or for training purposes and then discarded. What better way to show appreciation and to pay homage to our Armed Forces than to take these forgotten containers and to give them a new mission in life. We repurpose them to create beautiful and unique products that will last for generations to come.”

Designs and customization

The process to turn an ammunition can into a humidor is all done by hand. First, the ammunition cans are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Then a custom made interior is created by professional woodworkers using a quarter of an inch thick Spanish cedar. Each humidor can be personalized with decals, custom colors, and laser engraving to create the most unique cigar humidor.  

Ammodor offers different sizes and designs. Not all will be in stock in Malaysia, but Puros Asia can custom order models for the Malaysian cigar enthusiasts as well.

Jeremy Tay, owner of Puros Asia said to Ministry of cigars that he has always been intrigued by Ammodor. “Who wouldn’t want a battlefield tested humidor? Isn’t that the manliest humidor that you can get? It’s the ultimate cool factor to have a humidor that used to serve the US Military. If that doesn’t impress your friends, nothing will. And then punch your cigar with a cigar puncher made from a bullet shell. That makes Rambo a jealous man.”

Kevin Fisher of Ammodors says “I’m very excited about our partnership with Puros Asia. We have a very unique and special product that can be appreciated by so many different people. As a small, family-owned business we just need help getting to word out. We know this will help us achieve that and we look forward to the opportunity to offer our unique humidors to cigar aficionados throughout Asia.”

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