Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

At the beginning of this century, Alejandro Alfambra started a plantation and factory with the idea to supply tobacco to other factories and roll cigars. And in 2015, after reviewing the high quality of his tobacco, he knew it was time to create his own cigar brand, Alfambra Cigars.

Now the three Alfambra lines are available in The Netherlands through distributor Cigar Agent. One of the lines is a sandwich cigar, meaning part longfiller and part medium-filler, the other two lines are longfillers.

Alfambra Orange is the sandwich cigar. The wrapper is Habano from Ecuador, the binder and filler are Habano from Nicaragua. The filler consists of two longfiller leaves, the rest of the filler is medium filler. The robusto has a price tag of €1,50, the toro will set you back €1,98 and the gran toro costs €2,50

Alfambra Green is available in the sizes half corona, robusto, and magnificos for €4,50 €5,00 and €5,50. The Alfambra Green has a Habano wrapper from Ecuador. The binder is also Habano but from Nicaragua. The filler consists of Corojo 99 and Habano 2000 from Nicaragua.

The final Alfambra line is named after the first and most famous cave painting in Esteli, El Brujito. Drew Estate uses that same painting on their Nica Rustica, but according to our sources, Alfambra owns the trademark. At least for The Netherlands.

The El Brujito line comes in two sizes, the F1 (5 1/8 x52) and the F2 (6×56) with price tags of €3,60 and €4,40. The cigar is made from Nicaraguan Habano as binder and filler. The wrapper is Habano from Ecuador.

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  1. The El Brujito are available in Switzerland too, they cost 6.50CHF for the F1 and 8.50CHF for the F3.
    The Green Boutique Cigars are not available at all.

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