Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Alec Bradley releasing a Maduro Project 40. The latest addition to the Alec Bradley family will ship next month. It is a global release, that will launch simultaneously in several markets. It is the second line under the Project 40 name. The original release is only a year old. The budget-friendly line is very popular and now fans can enjoy a Maduro version.

The blend

Alec Bradley is releasing a Maduro Projet 40 with a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The binder is Habano from Brazil. The filler is all Nicaraguan. Just like the natural version, the production is in the hands of J. Fuego Cigar Co. de Nicaragua. The factory is located in Esteli, Nicaragua. It is the third time that Alec Bradley is working with J. Fuego. Previously all Nicaraguan Alec Bradley cigars came from Plasencia Cigars, a factory that the Rubin family is still working with.

The new Project 40 Maduro comes in three sizes. Those are a 5×50 Robusto with the name the Project 40 Maduro 05.50. The 6×52 Toro is named Project 40 Maduro 6.52. The biggest size is a 6×60 Gordo with the name Project 40 06.60. The natural line uses the same method of naming the cigars. To see the difference between the two lines, Alec Bradley changed the color scheme on the packaging. Instead of blue and white, Project 40 Maduro is using maroon and gold.

Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley releasing a Maduro Project 40

Project 40

The Project 40 principle is a principle that a lot of industries use. According to the theory, a person’s happiness is 50 percent from genetics, 10 percent circumstance, and 40 percent on how the person thinks. When Project 40 Natural was released, Alan Rubin explained. “Project 40 is a generally accepted concept in multiple industries with the end goal to find how a service or product can have a positive impact on the mind and body. Since cigars bring people together, cause relaxation, and create positive experiences, I asked myself why this concept should not be applied to premium cigars. This was my inspiration for Alec Bradley Project 40,”

Project 40 is very popular and Alec Bradley hit the bull’s eye with the cigar. We were not too impressed though. We rated Project 40 05.50 with an 87. But now that Alec Bradley releasing a Maduro Project 40 we would love to review that.

1 thought on “Alec Bradley releasing a Maduro Project 40

  1. Just tried the maduro. Young, light and difficult to build body and or detect a flavor. As low priced as it is, the price point explains what is wrong with this cigar but should not be the case. Construction looks good on the outside but the binder and filler are soft and weak. Best description: a light morning cigar that may attract curious smokers trying to understand what “Project 40” is and whatever this means. This cigar may improve with more humidification time.

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